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Does anosmia mean anything to you?

 ince the health crisis, this disorder has become a symptom associated with a possible COVID 19 infection: it is the loss of sense of smell, not to be confused with hyposmia, which corresponds to a reduction in olfactory capacity.

Anosmia is often due to an obstruction of the nasal fossae (frequently due to nasosinusal polyposis) or an alteration of the olfactory tract.

While it may be temporary, this loss of smell can, unfortunately, also set in over time and persist.

In any case, it is essential to consult an ENT specialist, as there are treatments that allow you to recover part or all of your sense of smell.

Depending on the cause to be treated, this can be a medical treatment (local spray or general treatment), sometimes surgical treatment (in case of polyps for example) and olfactory rehabilitation exercises.

Good to know: in cases of loss of sense of smell linked to a neuro-sensory problem (as is the case with COVID), it is important to consult early to initiate treatment quickly and thus increase recovery chances.

ENT team at Medicis