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Terms of Reimbursement of the bone mineral density test




Since 1st of august 2010, the INAMI allows for full reimbursement of the bone densitometry test for


patients showing particular risk factors.

Reimbursement conditions:

1. Group 1: women over 65 with family history of osteoporosis with a member of the family having had a 1st or 2nd degree hip fracture.

2. Group 2: No age or sex requirement for this group but patients will need to have at least one of the following factors:

  • Non- oncological low impact vertebral fracture.
  • Medical history of peripheral low impact fracture excluding finger, toes, skull, facial or vertebral fracture;
  • Patients with a prescribed corticosteroid therapy which has been continuous for more than 3 consecutive months and reached >75 mg predisolone/day;
  •  Oncologic patients following an anti-hormonal therapy or having reached menopause after an oncological therapy ;

Patients with at least one of the following risk conditions :
1° Rheumatoid arthritis
2° Untreated progressive hyperthyroidism
3° Hyperprolactinaemia
4° Lengthy hypogonadism (including therapeutic orchidectomy or lenghty treatment by analog gonadotrophine-releasing-hormone (GnRH) ) ;
5° Renal hypercalciuria ;
6° Primary hyperparathyroidism ;
7° Osteogenesis imperfecta ;
8° Pituitary basophilism ;
9° Anorexia nervosa with a Body mass Index <19kg/m²;
10° Premature menopause (45 years old)

 The test can be renewed after 5 years with the same guidelines.

 As this regulation is rather complex, please ask your doctor if you have the criteria required to be eligible for reimbursement.

If you fit the above required criteria, please forward this document signed by your doctor indicating which category you fit in.

A doctor's certificate will be forwarded to you.

Healthcare fund sticker:

Doctor stamp and signature: